Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kenwood can opener (product review)

Introducing our latest kitchen gadget: Kenwood can opener!!

At first, we tot that this gadget would be too big for our tiny kitchen, but surprisingly the size turns out to be just nice! with the size of slightly bigger than a blackberry, and the modern chrome effect, this can opener fits nicely in my kitchen! :D

This gadget opens cans brilliantly well. All u need to do is put the can on the magnetic holder (there is a magnetic hook on the body of this gadget), switch on the mains and press the handle! and can is opened within seconds!
A can in position..

 switch on the mains and press the handle..
the can opener in action... :D
errr actually u dont have to hold the handle all the time, u just need to press it once only. but being me, i felt secured by not letting it go- well actually  i was scared that the can will drop off and spill its content onto my kitchen top! but it actually won't!! hahaha

voila! can is opened within seconds! in 11 seconds, to be exact! and the can still sticks to the magnetic holder/can opener.

all u need to do it just raise the handle, and remove the can from the magnet..

and a magnet will grab hold of the lid after the opening process.

it cuts nicely with no sharp edges, clean and no splashes. so no worries! :D

The can opener can also be used as a bottle opener.

Demonstrating how to use the bottle opener. (no, i don't have any bottle to open yet!hehe)

and u can also use this gadget as a knife sharpener! ermm actually it is an electric knife sharpener!!! and it really sharpens my knife!! we were really impressed!
just turn on the main switch, press the handle and slide your knife for several times. my knife is now as sharp as new, eventho i just slide it twice! works better than my ikea knife sharpener!

This multifunctional 3-in-1 can opener is really worth buying and it is value for money as well!!! Awesome product from kenwood! *clap*clap*

p/s: I love my kitchen gadgets!! :P


naza said...

best!! hrtu nk beli jugak but voucher half je blh gune..hehe..hope ade la lg by dec..and i guessed rite!! Kenwood!!

Anonymous said...

salam ja..berbaloilah ya..yg best bagi mama ialah knife sharpener tu,taklah payah yg batu tu kan..
nama pun kenwood..nama tersohor serata dunia..

i.s.z.a.n said...

brapakah pricenya in RM? ;)

kucingorengemok said...

modern chrome effect tu dok kat dapur i 2-3 bulan jadi la rupa loyang aluminium nanti, hehe

cool lah

Anonymous said...

dear wan..reply me..i need ur acc details!!



Wan said...

beli lar! mmg value for money!! :D

mmg berbaloi-baloi! :)

price? segan nak announce kat sini,bleh? haha :P

kena sokmo gilap la utk maintain modern effect, kalo tak kompom jd loyang effect nnti! hahaha

dont worry, will definitely reply ur mail. tgh bizi sket dgn kelas skrgni,and will be out of london lak weekend ni.. need to check the postage etc before replying, ok! :)

Anonymous said...


FI, there are certain type of cans in Msia that cant be opened using this gadget;like tin susu cair cap junjung; lastly have to keep manual can opener jugak kat ghumah.

Other than that, mmg mudah lah!

Wan said...

Salam anonymous,
yup, rasanya mmg takleh guna pon utk aluminium cans, sbb dia guna sistem magnet. so thats whyla rasa2 cam nak kena beli One Touch pulak kot pasnih?! hehehe ;)

Anonymous said...

Salam sekali lagi Wan.

Ya, a good choice if Wan buys the one touch tu ....mudah & bersih tambahan ur kitchen gadgets semuanya ada class!

Anonymous said...

ok babe!