Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ben and Jerry

Upacara menggemukkan badan dengan murah dan berkesan drp Ben and Jerry! muahahahhahahaha Guess what, I bought 2 tubes of B&J ice creams for just 3 quids!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to ASDA for the super fantastic B&J ice cream promotions!! murrrrrrahhhhhhhhh gilerrrrrrrr!!

even after conversion, RM15 utk 2 tubes of B&J ice cream, still consider murah giler kan? :P

all time fave choc fudge brownies and half baked ice creams! and now I must restrain myself from opening my fridge and going to ASDA again today!!! :PP


Anonymous said...

hai there!nk just nk share link about ben & jerrys

Anonymous said...

same2 kite share,ok:)


Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum semua,

not all of BJ's product is non-halal. One of JAKIM's certified partner -IFANCA- dah certified several flavours as HALAL. To be sure, just type "IFANCA JAKIM" when ur googling for more info on who IFANCA is..

(Both JAKIM & IFANCA has been working together for years)

for the full list of Halal BJ:

other respected UK-based Halal Authority:


other interesting read:


pendapat tntg substance alkohol dlm makanan/minuman/minyak wangi etc, menurut JAKIM/Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan etc - mari mengenal status alkohol dalam Islam:

boleh juga lihat di website HMC/HFA misalnya..


Anonymous said...

there could be 2 possible reasons why BJ playing safe on such matter in their website:

- legal implications, as some still consider even 0.0001% of alcohol substance as still Haram (perbezaan pendapat dlm Islam).

- probably due to some of their products are still in the process of being re-developed/re-packaged such as to comply with Halal guidelines. plus those products haven't yet been certified by any supervising bodies eg Jakim as complying with halal guidelines.



Anonymous said...

thanks wan for d useful links;)
really appreciate it.
see..sharing is caring:-)


Wan said...

Hi Nini,
thanks for dropping by, and thanks for sharing as well!!

ermm.. actually yg menjawab tu hasben saya, :) kebetulan dia pernah tulis pasal ni kat facebook dia, tu yg dia copy-paste balik jer.. :D hope thats helps!

and thanks for raising this issue,kot2 la ada org lain nak tau jugak kan.. :) lepasnih kalau ada apa2 kita share kat sini lagi, ok!

Anonymous said...

sorry.dh terperasan bkn wan yg terlupa nak retype blk komen.ok2..tq utk husben wan gak dulu pun pernah suka makan b&j..ok,now,,bleh makan blk..:-)

nice blog btw!
keep on writing even dh blk msia k;-)