Saturday, October 30, 2010

Radioactively infected hubby!!

Huwaaa.... huwaa... he was (and still is!) radioactively infected!!!  camne nih?? dan si bini nya pulak cam makin menggalakkan lagi adala! bukan nak melarang!! haha

semuanya gara2 penangan benda alah yg bernama Traser nih!! iskkk!! tapi sebab dah infected,there is no turning back!dah takleh nk wat apa2 lagi dah!! cam kena redho je lar kot?!?!
seb baik tak tinggi sangat tritium exposure neh... dlm 25-30 milicuries jer! dan semua nih gara2 exposure dr benda alah nih:

Jam tangan! siap ada lambang radioactive lagi tuh kat muka jam tuh!! between 4 & 5 tu ada symbol T25, which he said refers to the radioactive amount (hadoiii!!). according to him, Trasers watches use tritium vials/tubes as luminators, thus glows even in total darkness. compared to the usual superluminous glow paint, tritium lasts longer and even brighter. he said superluminous will lose its "strength"after few minutes in the dark + still needs some light to make it glow. unlike tritium.

and this technology is used mainly in military equipments and watches, eg jam ni passed the MIL-W-46374F military standard. and I bought him the watch as a surprise! actually ni belated birthday gift utk dia, his birthday was on the first day of raya baru2 ni. xsempat nk beli apa2, plus he's a bit fussy gift-wise! hahaha
a Traser Watch!! 

okay, he's back to basic now! wearing black plastic radioactive watch- for more than 24hrs now since the delivery yesterday, including during sleep, and even contemplating of wearing it during shower! isk..isk..isk... sabo je lar!!

hmmm... seems that he's no longer interested in my tissot wedding gift to him!! okay, a solid reason for me to buy a new handbag watch, then! *takmo kalah tuh!* hahaha :P


mohdandmeriam said...

salam ja..hehe..cantik dan canggih watch tu..

zailamohamad said...

ingatke gapo tadi, hehehehe

Aini Amir said...

how much kak? kirim leh?